Calling All Hens For A Hen’s Night

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Is it that time of the month? No not that! I mean weddings… Your friend’s getting married and you have to organize her hen party and you have no clue where to start. Worry not best friends we’ve got you! This checklist will be your new best friend. Follow through and the bride will have a better night than her wedding night. 

Choose a Theme

Do you want it to be naughty or nice? Wild or chilled? You might want to decide all this based on the nature of the bride to be. Naughty and wild can be Pirates, Military ladies, Play boy bunnies, Angels and Devils and Rock and Roll. You also have the option of a traditional chilled out bash as well. Both will work perfectly. Once you’ve decided on the theme, stick with it through out. This is how you create memories ladies!

Suitable Decorations

Do up the room or apartment you are going to host the bash in. Most seem to overlook this crucial detail. But remember the room will look empty after the games are over. I say party decorations are a must have regardless. Don’t adorn the walls with hearts please! Instead get a few customized balloons to decorate the place. Maybe do a few theme related pieces. Throw a few lights here and there and voila you’re done. No one’s expecting anything over the top. Just make sure that the atmosphere is welcoming.

The all-important food

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of the cake at this occasion. It is as important as a wedding or birthday cake. Do stick to the theme. If the bride is squeamish avoid getting a wild cake. After all it is her day and she gets dibs on everything. Your platter of food for the night can include nibbles, sweets and drinks. When the real partying happens you can get something to go. Don’t forget to spike the drinks. We all need to get merry and let loose sometimes. What better occasion than your friend’s hen party?

Games for the night

Let your naughty mind run wild at this point. Remember ladies! The opinion of the bride to be is of no importance at this stage. This is where her besties take the rein and create some seriously fun memories and strengthen the bond. Select the perfect games to bring out naughty truths you haven’t been able to unearth before and make some wild memories. Confessions, balloon question time, DIY bride, post-it note game and hen scavenger hunt are a few game ideas for you.

Gifts for the bride.

Make her feel special. Wrap her with a sash and get her that crown queens wear. Notice how I said ‘Queen’. No more princess, straight to the throne. You could all pool in and get her something small. A memory book would be perfect to keep the memories alive. A party shop in Singapore is the best place to get your gifts.

There you go hens, the hen night checklist. Hoping you have the best time and wishing your friend a happy wedded life, we take a bow. Cheers to a new chapter! Savour every moment because you won’t have the same moment twice.